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To President Barack Obama

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Mr. President, At an official level, the UN and various other international bodies recognize ” Persian Gulf ” as the established and recommended name based on historical usage. That has also been the official position of all the United States administrations since the time of its independence more than two and a quarter centuries ago. Or rather it has been until your term of presidency.
On October 20, 2010 at a press briefing on arms sales to Saudi Arabia, State Department’s Assistant Secretary for Political-Military Affairs Andrew Shapiro in prepared remarks said ”It will send a strong message to countries in the region that we are committed to support the security of our key partners and allies in the “Arabian Gulf” and broader Middle East.” He has also used word “Gulf” twice in his briefing in referring to “Persian Gulf”.
On November 24, 2010 the United States Navy has ordered all troops under its command to use the forged name “Arabian Gulf” to refer to the body of water to the south of Iran, and also made it acceptable to exercise using term “Gulf” in a second reference.

Considering neither of the illicit and historically incorrect terms “Arabian Gulf” or “Gulf” is recognized internationally, the use of such language by the U.S. government departments and officials in conducting the administration dogmas across the globe raises serious speculation about the nature of such wrong-doing policies. To realize how chaotic this episode may sound among international communities just imagine that U.S. unilaterally starts using the term “Gulf of America” in referring to the “ Gulf of Mexico ”.
Mr. President , The politically charged term “Arabian Gulf” or simply “Gulf” has originally been devised by some Arab states to create division between Arabs and non-Arabs in the Middle East. Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein employed the term to legitimize his territorial ambitions and generate discord among Arabs and Iranians, Israelis, and other non-Arabs in the region. Osama Bin Laden and other al Qaeda figures have used it to appeal for their cause and exploit potential ethnic divisions . On the other hand, the correctness of the term “Persian Gulf” is indisputable and carries none of these negative implications. The Persian Gulf has been known and recognized as such for more than 2,500 years . The name derives from the fact that the great Achaemenid Empire in the sixth century B.C.E. had its center of power in the province of Fars (Pars/ Persis) in the southwestern region of the Iranian plateau.
Mr. President , Prior to 1979 during the Shah’s regime Iran was the most politically stable country in the region and a strong U.S. ally. There is no doubt that our country has been degraded under the current rogue regime in Iran. The IRI regime has committed many crimes against Iranians and others and has broken and disrespected every single law of diplomacy among the international communities. The massive protests in Tehran and other cities in 2009 proved, millions of Iranians oppose the illegitimate mullahs’ regime and its criminal leaders. Despite the anti-American propaganda promoted by the Islamic republic and its mercenary religious groups at large, Iranian people not only are not anti-Americans but they have proved their genuine love for Americans by holding candlelight vigil right after the 911 attack. That is why the course of action of U.S. administration in dealing with Iran necessitates pursuing a bidirectional policy, one that targets the imposition of political sanction on the IRI regime and its leaders and the other that aims at supporting the people of Iran with their strives toward reaching democracy. As such, millions of Iranians who have participated in the demonstrations against the regime will eventually be able to replace the theocratic government with a secular democratic one based on the principles of human rights.
Mr. President ,the use of provocative terms of “Arabian Gulf” and/or “Gulf” falls short of assisting the State Department’s vision in safeguarding the security and stability in the region . Furthermore it aims at fueling the ethnic tension in the area and will cause enmity and hostility among the people of Iran toward America, which would signify a counterproductive path for the U.S. ahead. Thus, the U.S. administration officials are strongly urged to reconsider their positions regarding this issue and only use the correct name “Persian Gulf”.
On behalf of genuine Iranians
Mansur Rastani, PhD

CC: Secretary of State, Hillary R. Clinton
CC: Secretary of Defense, Robert, M. Gates
CC: Secretary of the Navy, Ray E. Mabus

Dec. 2010


To the Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton

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Madam Secretary of State, In a recent interview for broadcast Sunday on ABC’s “This Week”, you stated you have “grave disagreements “with the Iranian Revolution and said “But the early advocates of it said this would be a republic. It would be an Islamic republic, but it would be a republic. Then we saw a very flawed election and we’ve seen the elected officials turn for the military to enforce their power.” In other part of your interview with ABC you expressed your concern about the rise of military power in Iran and said “And I can only hope that there will be some effort inside Iran, by responsible civil and religious leaders, to take hold of the apparatus of the state”.

Madam Secretary, the Islamic revolution and the regime of Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) has never been the government of the freewill wish of Iranians. As you must know, this regime have been imposed upon Iranians 31 years ago by the Western Powers, headed by the U.S. administration of President Jimmy Carter, as part of the implementation of their geopolitical policy agenda at the time. Those “advocates” you are talking about such as Abrahim Yazdi,
Sadegh Ghotbzadeh, and Bani Sadr, to name a few, were mainly the mercenaries of the Western governments, along with some Islamic maharishi like Mehdi Bazagan who all were on a mission to establish an Islamic government by replacing the country’s constitution of 1906 by the one with authoritarian and theocratic elements and to run a fraud referendum to adopt it as the constitution of the IRI. So the title “Republic”, which is hijacked by this government, does not mean anything more than a hoax gesture that the regime has used to erect its Islamic pillars among the public, besides the fact that Islam is a theology, which literally is inspired from God while “Republic” has root among people and as a result the combination of these two words does not make any sense. Today Jimmy Carter is considered as a symbol of hatred not only within the Iranian community but among the residents of earth since he was the introducer of the two world-wide known devils, Khomeini and Ben Laden due to whom the whole world is suffering today as we are witnessing. The unforgiving matter is that President Jimmy Carter is awarded Nobel Prize for his wrong-doing foreign policy during his administration instead of being put on trial.

Madam Secretary, obviously “by responsible civil and religious leaders” you are referring to Mir Hossein Mousavi (civil) and Mehdi Karroubi (religious). After the forged election in June 2009, Iranian movement mainly headed by the young generation has shaken the foundation of totalitarian regime of mullahs, they raised their voice for freedom and against the imposed tyranny but they were faced with the brutal and barbarian forces of the regime who were cracking down heavily on dissent. Thousands of our brave young men and women stood and shielded their chest against Islamic regime’s bullets, fought against political incarceration, torture, rape, and for all their basic freedom and human rights. So many of them have dedicated their lives and irrigated the tree of freedom with their blood. There were no sign of Mousavi and Karroubi in the battlefield, in fact they betrayed them and left those young people alone in the streets to be torn apart by the hyenas of IRI. The young generation has realized that these “no-leaders” are not ready to fight for people as much as they are willing to fight to save their Islamic ideology. In numerous occasions they both admitted that the people are not following them anymore and in fact they are the ones who follow them.

Madam Secretary, during the last 15 months the Western Powers have been witnessing the murdering scenes of young Persians in Iran’s streets and have done nothing to prevent them. On the contrary they helped the IRI regime with the supply of all the rigs and arms, the high-tech electronic surveillance supplies, electrical batons and riot products they needed for cracking down on oppositions. And also by not objecting to what was going on inside Iran they actually provided IRI with the leisure and tranquility to violate every aspect of human rights and to commit its mass murder genocide against young generation in the country to the point of butchering our young men and women in their jails and destroying and burying the bodies in places where nobody could ever find them. Now that the IRI have been able to clamp down the dissent through coercive power and bloodshed and imposing fear and terror among public, you are hoping that Mousavi and Karroubi to step in and “take hold of the apparatus of the state” to reject military expansion!

Madam Secretary, Almost every family in Iran has lost a dear member of their own under the tyranny of the brutal IRI regime during the last 31 years. This nation will never allow criminal characters such as Mousavi and Karroubi, who have served the bloodthirsty regime of IRI for 3 decades and whose criminal records are not any less than the rest of the IRI members, to be their leaders again. These “no-leaders” who due to the rift among themselves are dispossessed of their powers are the same brutal elements of the regime that used to commit crime against people when they were in power. Moreover, people of Iran are not looking for a brushed-up Islamic government anymore; in fact they are fed up with any type of theocratic and ideological government, and seeking for a secular democratic government based on the principles of human rights.

Madam Secretary, Isn’t the guardian of democracy on our earth the most important responsibility of the world’s leaders and in particular of the United States’? If so, why U.S. have been silent against the brutality of the IRI regime and have done nothing to prevent the mass murder of Iranians. President Obama goes from one place on earth to another and delivers strong defenses of Islam and seeks broader engagement with Muslim world. Wouldn’t be more humanistic if he thinks humanitarian instead of ideological? If he cares about the welfare of human beings, then ideology of people would by default be taken care of, wouldn’t it? While we see that not only any efforts have been made to score and prevent the human rights violations of IRI but they have been overshadowed by the governments’ diplomatic initiatives on the threat posed by IRI’s suspect nuclear activities.

Madam Secretary, the 31-years criminal records of IRI is known to the world community, as you know IRI has been the most active state sponsor of terrorism in the world. Its records, beyond violation of human rights and the genocide mass murder of Iranians inside the country, range from suicidal bombers to supporting terrorists, ties with al-Qaida, killing American soldiers by IRI-made IEDs in Iraq and Afghanistan, deploying sleeper cells of agents across the world, who are activated on call from Tehran, throwing threats to its neighboring countries irresponsibly, and the list goes on and on. As the democracy advocate on earth, U.S. along with the Western Powers should keep the IRI regime responsible for its violation of human rights inside the country and its terrorist acts across the globe, should declare the illegitimacy of the regime, impose sever political sanction on the government and all its leaders, should prevent the travel of every IRI member through the aerial, land and water borders, and impose an ultimatum on the government surrender. Upon the fall of the regime have the United Nation send an international group of supervision for a public referendum and establishing a provisional government and arresting all the members of the government for the domestic and/or international trial. This is the only peaceful way of keeping the democracy alive in the world. On behalf of genuine Iranians

Mansur Rastani, PhD
Sept. 2010

Mr. Christopher Booker of Sunday Telegraph, The future of Iran is not PMOI

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Recently Christopher Booker had an article in Daily telegraph, entitled” The future of Iran is waiting for our support”. In his article the writer acclaims PMOI and invites the Western governments to recognize and endorse this party. Furthermore he proposes that if the good of mankind would best be served by replacing tyranny in Tehran with a secular democracy, then those (PMOI) best placed to provide such an outcome are there, waiting for us to support them.

This is what is wrong with most of the western writers when they do an article on some issue related to a foreign country. They either write about something that have no enough information on, or are paid by western governments to write a biased proposition about a current issue to manipulate the public’s mind by fabricating and twisting the real message behind the issue. It is in the benefit of the Western Powers to keep the third-world nation countries undemocratic and ideological so that under the mentality of ignorance of that population they will freely be able to continue plundering the natural wealth of those countries.

Mr. booker, for your information, PMOI (People’s Mujahedeen of Iran) is a party whose infrastructure is based on ideology of religion Islam. By default the operation of such organization is based on the principle of Islam, which is in contradiction with preserving human rights for the people of any country. No ideological government can provide secularism and democracy for its people and unexceptionally PMOI has no privilege over the current barbarian regime of IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran). PMOI is in fact, on numerous aspects, more dangerous than IRI since they are not sincere enough to talk transparent about their Islamic rules and regulations and behind their masks have managed to fool the world’s mind that they have respect for democracy and human rights, which is not true. If you inquired enough about the rules of this organization you would find that under no circumstances a female person who does not obey the Islamic body coverage “Hijab” can be a member of this organization. Is this a democracy? This was just a tiny example among so many inhuman religious mandates of theirs.

Keep in mind that right after the revolution in 1979, PMOI was the first party who endorsed IRI and in showing their gesture of confederacy their leader Masoud Rajavi took even a step further and kissed the hands of the great Satan Khomeini. It was just because they knew their ideological tree have had the same roots, which produces similar fruits, later on however their political differences made them separated. Most Iranians not only dislike PMOI as much as they do the fanatic IRI but they know them as the traitors to their country since they helped Iraq during the 8-years’ war with Iran. PMOI is no future of Iran since it has no place among Iranians and in fact to people of Iran they are not seen any different from the brutal regime of IRI.

People of Iran are not sufficed to just the 50 to 100 thousand paid mercenaries of PMOI who cheer them up in their rallies. About 70% of the Iran’s 75-million population are under 30 years of age, and the majority of this percentage forms the young intellect force of Iranians who has kept its interaction with the latest and updated trends of the modern democratic world through cyberspace technology. They all crave for their lost freedom and will not compromise for anything less than a secular democratic government based on the principles of human rights. That is the future of Iran.

Mansur Rastani, PhD
Aug 2010

To Senator John Kerry

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Senator John Kerry, In your recent interview on CNN’s “Fareed Zakaria GPS” show, you urged President Barack Obama to resume his efforts to start a dialogue with Iran and getting advice about the way forward in Afghanistan.
Senator, in future do not use word Iran or Iranians as a substitute for Islamic government in Iran, the IRI. IRI is a criminal terrorist regime, which is not considered as a legitimate government by the people of Iran. IRI has basically usurped the country Iran (with the support of Western Powers and couple of millions of its own paid theocratic mercenaries) and has taken its people as hostage.
The Iranians on the other hand are people with 3000 years of great history and culture called Persians who introduced to the world the principles of human rights offered by their predecessor King Cyrus the Great, whose emblem has been erected at the entrance of the United Nation.

Senator, you are a congressman of the most democratic country in the world, how can you negotiate with a regime that has been trampling all the basics of human rights in the country and suppressing every democratic challenges among its people using all the murdering equipment in its access and the paid mercenary ruffians and the professional butchers in its service.

A regime, which ensures it survival through coercive power and bloodshed and imposing fear and terror among public to the point that many Iranian citizens had to fly out of the country to get rid of the oppression only to go vagrant across the globe. The massive escape of the people didn’t stop the criminal IRI, the brutal regime ordered chain murdering of hundreds of its oppositions all over the world.

Such negotiation will betray the Neda’s blood and of tens of thousands other of Iranian brave young men and women who stood and shielded their chest against the Islamic regime’s bullets and fought against political incarceration, torture, rape, and for all their basic freedom and human rights.

Senator, how can you recommend negotiation with and seeking advice from such regime, which the State Department called the “most active” state sponsor of terrorism in the world? You as the Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee should have all the criminal records of the IRI terrorist acts in your access.

Have you forgotten the suicidal bombing of U.S. and French military barracks in Beirut in 1983 (299 dead); a string of Paris bombing in September 1986 (12 dead); attacks on the Israeli embassy and a Jewish community center in Buenos Aires in 1992 and 1994 (125 dead); 1996 bombing attack in Dhahran (19 dead); and according to State Department and the CIA, 200 terrorist strikes across the globe during the last 3 decades (more than 1000 dead), in Israel and the Palestinian territories alone, hundreds of people have died in suicide bombings carried out by IRI-supported groups of Hamas and Hezbollah?

Or maybe I have to refresh your memory about the meddling of IRI in the neighboring countries and also about the killing of U.S. soldiers in Iraq and in Afghanistan (60% of all casualties) by the IRI-made IEDs!

What kind of message do you want to convey to the residents of earth by seeking strategic advice from a regime that throws threats to its neighboring country every now and then?

Senator, in the history of United States there were men like Thomas Jefferson who as a political philosopher was a character of the enlightenment who advocated reason as the primary source for legitimacy and authority, a man whose name was used as the eponym of democracy. It is because of him and alike that today America stands as the democracy advocate on earth.

Senator, if opposite to your predecessors you neither believe in the democracy advocacy of America within the international communities, and hence do not support the Iranian people in their struggle toward establishing democracy and secularism in their country, nor care much about the American young heroes in Iraq and Afghanistan whose lives are shattered by the IRI-made IEDs, then I am asking you as the Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to at least make recommendation to the congress and U.S. administration to withdraw their support from the IRI and let the Iranians themselves deal with the devilish regime of IRI.

On Behalf of Oppressed Iranian Grassroots
Mansur Rastani, PhD
Aug 2010

Invasion of the Mind Snatchers

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Since the beginning of Iranian uprising in June 2009, we have been witnessing the growing rash of Iranian oppositions outside the country joining the green movement, which was initially led by Mir Hossein Mousavi. Assured at first by the Mousavi’s vague messages, that the case could be nothing but “collective obsessional behavior”, soon it was discovered that these people’s brainpowers are in fact being reformed to adopt certain mode of demeanor similar to those persons who are under hypnotic cue. The mentality of this group, whom I refer to as green puppets, has been impaired by the later announcement of the Mousavi’s path of hope, which seeks reform regime within the custody context of Islamic government and the Guardian Council.

Among these green puppets highly educated men and women from creditable U.S. colleges, dressed up in professional attire, are seen who in this age of cyberspace truly believe that a democratic style of life can all be possible within the framework of Islamic Constitutional law and the Guardian Council infrastructure. Green puppets are indistinguishable from the rest of the opposition groups, except for their utter lack of discernment. The growth of this increasingly populous group, like seeding in a fertile soil, has readily been productive, over the course of a year its spectrum has surprisingly expanded over the whole planet earth.

Green puppets have rooted in every corner of the society from public offices and private sectors to school campuses, and beyond. They work together as mind snatchers to secretly spread their subliminal messages among the public in order to replace the entire society of Iranian oppositions into green. As such it has caused a major rift between this so-called green group and the bona fide oppositions who stand for nothing less than the annihilation of the IRI regime. It can not be denied that the former group is more organized, consistent, and united in their activities in particular when it comes to rallies and demonstrations to show their support for the Iranian movement inside the country but only for the wrong cause.

Behind this epidemic hypnotic outgrowth of green puppets we find the trace of puppet masters, which have tied into some human right organizations. International human rights organizations collaborate with partner organizations and NGOs, advocate lobbying for funds from wealthy countries, and monitor compliance by states with the increasingly explicit obligations, including core obligations to craft the filtered strategies to fulfill protections of human rights. The number of internationally operating NGOs is estimated at 40,000. While they claim maintaining its non-governmental status by excluding government representatives from membership in the organization, they are funded totally or partially by governments. There is a long list of the types of NGOs, these include: DONGO, CONGO, INGO, BINGO, to name a few. GONGOs are government-operated NGOs, which have been set up by governments to look like NGOs in order to qualify for outside aid or promote the interests of the government in question.

The majority of the rallies outside Iran, which were held in support of Iranian national movement inside the country across the globe last year and also this year on June 12, 2010 for its anniversary, have been sponsored and coordinated by aforementioned International Human Right Organizations, such as International Campaign for Human Rights, Solidarity with Iran, Unity for Iran, etc. In these rallies participants were nothing more than puppets to the puppet masters, who have given them all the instructions of how to unfold the event based on the prescheduled filtered strategies. As was expected, there was a unique harmony among the activities of all these rallies across the world; if used, they all used the same green scroll strategy to say “Ahmadinejad is not our president”. From their last year green scroll ceremonies they’ve even made video clips to show the use of Quran Sourah to remind those who act unjustly [refer to Ahmadinejad] of the punishment. They all have also used the same voices and messages in their rallies such as: freedom for political prisoners, stop executions, fraudulent election, etc.

The master puppets work for and paid by their foreign rulers, but how about these green puppets? Don’t they know that the only message such rallies can signal to the world is that we people of Iran do not deserve any better than being ruled by Mousavi presidency under an Islamic constitution and a Guardian Council Supreme Leader?!

For the last 3 decades there hasn’t been such a thing as an election in Iran. Presidency candidates are selected by the Guardian Council and the Supreme Leader. The main legitimacy condition to be considered as a candidate to run for presidency is loyalty to the Islamic regime. Mousavi, in his 17th statement, admitted to such loyalty of his and furthermore announced that any reform will only be possible within the framework of Islamic Guardian Council.

The protest in Iran started with the alleged reason of dissatisfaction with the election results, however the movement became quite radical very quickly and people started chanting “Mousavi is an excuse the entire regime is targeted”, “Death to the Islamic Regime”, and “independence, freedom, Iranian republic”.

Today the issue at the forefront of Iranian politics is not the election results, it is Regime Change. Unfortunately, such internationally organized rallies of green puppets run by puppet masters will only serve to strengthen the reformist stand rather than help the grounds for “Regime Change”.

On behalf of Genuine Iranian Oppositions
Mansur Rastani
June 2010

Western Powers, the Great Manipulators

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After 30 years Iranians at large have risen up against theocratic despotism and have been determined to remove the imposed camouflage of Islamic religion, which has shadowed all over the sectors of the society and has heavily rooted into the urban rules and everyday lives of the people. They have been pursuing a democratic and secular government, under which the people of any ideology can live together peacefully.

On the other hand the pressure of Western Powers to redirect the Iranian movement is becoming clearer everyday. Western Powers have spent all the time they could get to manipulate the people’s intellect around the world in faking the real story of Iranian young generation uprising against the tyrannical government in Iran by twisting its real message and presenting the on-going movement as a conflict between the conservative Shiites who are ruling the country and moderate Shiite faction of the government, labeled as the Islamic reformers. Furthermore they have misled the public by spreading the distorted information around the globe that the people of Iran do not approve of the current government but they are demanding a moderate Shiite government or an Islamic government, which is consisted of moderate Shiite elements.

In pursuing their devious scheme, Western Powers have used all the knacks and techniques as well as the public authorities in their services such as their mercenary news anchors and political analysts in private and public TVs, paid columnists in News Medias, fake interviews with IRI lobbyists and hired x-IRI staffs and rewarded x-political prisoners, Iranian mercenary agents employed by intelligence services, salaried liaison agents as broadcast controllers in opposition-owned Persian TVs across the world, compensated American-Iranian association and human right activist and organizers to name a few, to distort the real implication of the on-going freedom seeker movement in Iran and infuse the wrong message in people’s mind.

If Western Powers presume that they have succeeded in creating rifts among Iranian oppositions outside the country through making a bridge to a small domain of the Iranian population, so-called the hired mercenaries, and ignoring the majority of real Iranian oppositions, they are dead wrong in their calculation. Iranian people at large outside the country have already demonstrated and shown to the world their undisputed supports for the freedom movement inside Iran in so many ways. At the beginning these supports may have carried multidirectional and sporadic intensities however, as the time have elapsed, the momentum for presenting a unique voice to show their solidarity and unity for free and secular democratic Iran is getting stronger everyday. Western Powers have no other choice but to stand with the genuine Iranian people among the oppositions and not the fake members of their pool-bank collection.

A baby-step approach from a moderate Islamic government to someday a democratic government, supposedly like the ones implemented in Iraq and Afghanistan are not logical and will not work in Iran. Western Powers need to understand that Iran has 7500 years of history and civilization and has been the pioneer in the world in observing the human rights across the globe. Just because they [Western Powers] have imposed and forcefully maintained a fanatic Islamic regime against Iranians for 31 years and created a stall upon their global advancement for a period of time it doesn’t imply that the people of Iran has lost their Persian identity and are not ready for the establishment of a secular democratic state. Keep in mind that about 70% of the population in Iran consists of under 30-years-old young students who not only have not been brainwashed by the IRI but they have become the intellects of the society through their access to cyber technology.

The rational behind the baby-step approach toward democracy in the 3rd-world-nation countries from Western Powers’ point of view is the false hope of replacing the fanatic elements of the current government by the moderate ones through reforming the Islamic regime. This way they are hoping to remove the Islamic fanatic suicidal sector from the society so that the world of capitalism can safely continue operating across the globe, and at the same time be able to maintain the ignorance and non-patriotic mentality of the ideological society intact in order to continue on their domination and imperialism.

The Western Powers have to keep in mind that they can not write the history for Iranian one more time, the era for the world’s governments once ruled by the oil cartels and corporate owners to materialize the plunder of a nation’s natural resources against the will of its people has come to an end. The governments should be in service of their peoples’ wishes and I am sure no people in the world are too ambitious to seek their prosperity built upon the misery of other nations.

Mansur Rastani, Ph.D.
June 2010

Superficial Efforts, Perceived as Carrying Water in a Sieve

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During Shah’s time, Iran was experiencing a limited number of random political incidents voiced by small groups of dissidents, mostly among university students mainly due to the lack of freedom in party politics here and there across the country, which were cracked down by the government forces as part of the homeland security mission. Other than lack of political freedom, Iranians were benefited from a relative welfare life and convenience and people of every racial and national character and religion had the luxury of running their lives freely. However, the leaders of World Powers at the time couldn’t tolerate observing such oppression against those small groups of dissidents and eventually under the so-called tag of violation of human rights conspired the subversive plot and managed to overthrow the Shah from kingdom.

31 years after the fall of Shah, today in Iran under the IRI regime we see no respect for human rights, no political freedom, no religious freedom, no press freedom, people have no freewill on their everyday lives, prisons are crowded with young students, and government implements harsh punishment from torture, rape, execution, to stoning and public hanging of citizens. People are not allowed to pursue their peaceful demonstration to voice their wills, they are beaten and get killed if they do, and the lucky ones get arrested and jailed. Since last June 2009, the world has witnessed large-scale protests of Iranians in millions inside the country and the brutal massive killing of the protesters by IRI, and also observed the large-scale Iranian demonstration in their support outside Iran and across the globe.

While by now the human-rights records of IRI have not been unknown to the world, yet to our disbelief we see that Western Powers’ reaction to all this not only has been non-supportive in favor of Iranian movement but frequently to understate their efforts. We see that all the Western Powers and even United Nation issue ineffective manifestos, one after another, condemning IRI involvement in non-peaceful nuclear activities, terrorism, and meddling in neighboring countries, however not a single line in their statement has been referred to the violation of human rights in Iran by IRI.

Since 2003 several official proposals on the IRI nuclear issue has been produced through EU3 and P5+1 packages and repackages, which ended up with no result but bunch of meaningless ultimatums. Every single UN Security Council Resolution on the issue was not less ineffective, and it had the similar outcome for the governments’ diplomatic initiatives. Regardless of the lack of effectiveness of all these superficial efforts, perceived as carrying water in a sieve, they all have contributed to the fact that they:
1) tended to overshadow the violations of human rights in Iran committed by IRI,
2) have been used to mesmerize the world’s people and undermine the real challenges of Iranian voices for freedom and democracy, and
3) provided the leisure and tranquility for IRI to commit its mass murder genocide of the young generation of Iran.

If we refer to statistic of the violation of human rights in Iran, we see that under IRI regime this violation has been at least1000 time more than what we had during Shah’s time. However, when we compare the positions of Western Powers in regard to human rights violation in our country at two different stages of time, 31 years ago right before the fall of Shah and today under IRI, a question is perceived in our minds that why has the strategy of Western Powers been twisted 180 degrees?

The fact of the matter is that violation of human rights has never been an issue to Western Powers, they used it 31 years ago as an excuse to force the overthrown of the Shah’s regime merely to stop the fast pace growth and progress of the country Iran at the time, since they didn’t want to face another Japan on the world horizon, while today Western Powers are looking for an excuse to stop the democratic movement of young intellects in Iran through replacing the fanatic IRI by a government with moderate Islamic elements. Why moderate Islamic elements? Islamic, because it can be used as a vehicle in a 3rd-world-nation country with rich natural resources to keep its people non-patriotic and non-nationalist, so that Foreign Powers can continue on plundering the natural resources of that country with no trouble. Moderate Islamic, because they can exclude its fanatic suicidal sector so that the wheel of capitalism can revolve safely across the globe.
One thing that they haven’t considered in their calculation though is the passion and ambition of the Iranian young intellects inside the country for a free and secular democratic nation, which at this time no matter what, it will never fade out. The nationalist movement of young intellects inside Iran has been very much determined in their efforts to the point of achieving success in pursuing their goal, and as announced it explicitly on numerous occasions through their slogans that “Obama you are either with us or with them”, they expect the Foreign Powers to stop their support for IRI.

The era has changed, a decade-ago perception of our surroundings can’t be pursued and put to work today. The guardian of democracy on our earth is the most important responsibility of the world leaders. Soon or later Western Powers have no other choice but to stand with the people of Iran who are the legal representative of that country and not with IRI. Furthermore they ought to support Iranians for what they are standing for and not for what they can be imposed upon. At the same time they should withdraw their support from IRI, declare its illegitimacy as a government and boycott all their economical ties with them, impose political sanction on the regime, and have the United Nation send an International group of supervision for a public referendum in Iran.

Besides, the threat posed by an intransigent, conservative administration in Tehran, simultaneously pushing forward with a nuclear weapons program, expanding its influence inside Iraq, Lebanon, and Gaza, ratcheting up its anti-Zionist rhetoric, and seeking to undermine the legitimacy of Arab governments, acts like an active volcano, which erupt seditious disturbances all over the area and as such has made essential contribution in creating the current deplorable way of life for the people in the region.

World Powers need to realize that IRI cannot be reformed, and the regime change is the only option for Iran. Only then the world can expect witnessing the peace and start garnering prosperity for the benefit of humanity not just in the region but consequently across the globe.

Mansur Rastani, PhD
June 2010

The IRI, a Devoted Servant to World Powers

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You may wonder why World Powers continue to maintain their position on Islam and insist that it is a religion of peace and goodwill despite the extensive and long-time attacks by radical Muslims on their soils and interest sections. World Powers have preserved their devotion toward Islam to the point of dividing it into good or moderate Islam and bad or fanatic Islam, refusing to notice the real message of this religion, where it says “if you choose any religion other than Islam it won’t be accepted from you and you will be among the infidels”. They are ignoring the fact that in Quran infidels are doomed and destined to be sent to hell and furthermore Muslims are encouraged to see this through as part of the jihad in defense of their Islamic faith.

World Powers, contrary to their empty declaration in condemning the violation of human rights in countries with tyrannical and totalitarian Islamic regimes, provide mullahs with all the step-by-step know-how planning and supports they need to run and control the country, they rule and make every effort to keep them stay in power despite the fact that the people of that country has never recognized them as their legitimate government.

The alliances of powerful countries are willing and prefer to deal with worthless groups of mullah mercenaries, whom have been acknowledged as the key-role leaders of a great nation, rather than recognizing and accepting the patriotic and nationalist groups of young intellects as the representatives of that nation! They fear to accept the patriotic freedom fighting of a great nation as the sign of its young heroes’ enthusiasm for nationalism but rather trying to interpret it in public as devotional struggle of its people toward religion and Islam.
United States during the last thirty years have embraced the recognition of campaigns of IRI lobbyists in Washington, the mercenaries of mullahs, labeled as NGOs, Think Tanks, etc., supporting them financially and promoting their undercover challenges toward reinstating a reformed version of Islamic or moderate-Mullahs government in Iran. As such, the efforts of real opposition groups of Iranians have been shattered and their voices have been gradually undermined and eventually faded out.

World Powers have the greedy vision for plundering the natural wealth of those countries that are rich in oil and gas. To make such a vision an easily successful mission they have to deal with that part of the society of the country who has no devotion to that nation, no passion for patriotism and certainly no desire for political independence. Religious groups and mullahs have been the most suitable candidates for this purpose, the plundered oil and gas contracts among the oil mafias in Iran, who mainly have roots in Pasdaran Militia, and the western oil cartels has raised an uproar.
For decades Western Powers have seen the Sunni Muslims as the dominant power in the region simply because of their vast population. Hence they felt strongly about endorsing Shiite governments as balancing powers against Sunni Muslims in the region. As a result the rift among different Islamic sectors in Iraq started to develop, however the IRI Mullahs were then on call to come for rescue by sponsoring the utilization of improvised explosive devices (IED) at large all over the country to demolish the nationalist opposition forces among Sunnis and this way smoothing the path for a relative stable Shiite government in Iraq. Such supports have been extended to Afghanistan.

World Powers as part of their geopolitics and geo-economics policies see it as a necessity to establish a key check-point in a strategic geopolitical location to practice their political controlling power against potential economic threats such as China. To make such watchdog a successful mission, it requires that the local governments to be consisted of elements with no patriotic ambitions. Again religious governments are favored, we have been witnessing that Iran loses benefits in strategic and geographic locations in Caspian Sea; we also notice an overwhelming world-wide conspiracy, which is going on among the western powers and the Arabic countries across the Persian gulf for changing the name of Persian Gulf to Arabian Gulf.

Western Powers, as the IRI puppeteers, has benefited from the perception of creating a virtual fearful scarecrow within the region like the lunatic IRI government, who irresponsibly throws threats to its neighboring countries. And as such they have been enjoying the receipt of humongous number of orders for arms sales from numerous countries surrounding Iran under the pretext of defense.
When it comes to war, these reckless and lunatic mullahs, in charge of ruling the country, has no respect for humanities, on the contrary they consider war as a blessing to humanity, as once was said by Khomeini. Knowing that war is considered as a vehicle for world powers to promote their economy, it is no brainer to see that IRI is indeed acting as a devoted servant to World Powers.

Mansur Rastani, PhD
June 2010