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President Obama, you Undermined the 2009 Iranian Uprising

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Mr. President, People of Iran would like you to know that they do not recognize the terrorist Islamic regime in Iran as their legitimate government. This brutal regime has basically usurped the country Iran with the support of couple of millions of its own paid theocratic mercenaries and has taken the Iranian people as hostage. The people of Iran have had 3000 years of Persian history; they are the founders of the principles of human rights whose emblem has been erected at the entrance of the United Nation. Persian culture and language among Iranians has inherited form one generation to next generation and has always been respected, maintained and remained uninfluenced under the assault of foreign cultures and cults during this period of time.

Mr. President, It was during June 2009 when the people of Iran took to the streets and fired their landslide protest against the fraudulent election by millions. The brutal occupier regime in Iran began cracking down on the protestors, and while people screaming in agony you choose to stay silent and bear witness, saying “We don’t know how this thing is going to play out.” Somehow, that statement didn’t blow our mind like “hope and change,” but that’s exactly how you felt about Iran. The Iranians went on protest and lost their lives and you just watched. In fact, a poll was released at the time, which showed only single digits of Americans approved of the way you handled of the situation; even approval among Democrats was in the single digits. Democrats and Republicans were both unhappy with your weak, casual position on Iran, some were saying you were acting timid, many were upset that you didn’t show much support for the citizen freedom fighters in Iran.

Mr. President, You spoke so respectfully of the autocratic Ayatollah Khamenei and said that he recognized the concerns the people had about the election. Never mind that the response to those concerns was to order a ruthless and violent crackdown on their demonstration. There were too many women among protesters, some were shot, and a major number have since been hanged by the brutal cleric regime in Iran. These women were fighting in pursuit of freedom whose parents lost under foreign influence 32 years ago. You insisted that you wouldn’t like to make matters worse by giving the rulers ammunition to blame the upheaval on the U.S., saying that you didn’t want to be seen as “meddling” in the Iranian elections. The Iranian election was obviously a sham and should be thrown out and a new election under the watch of the United Nations should have been held.

Mr. President, About two years later, the Egyptians are now having their uprising against their government. Egyptian people are Muslims and contrary to Iranian people have Islamic culture. There are riots in the streets, however noticing how few women are seen in the protest one can conclude that the protesters might not be all that tolerant or concerned about freedom and democracy after all, which verifies the bitter truth that under no circumstances a democracy can be created out of the belief system of Islam anywhere. Regardless, you decide to support the protesters in Egypt for the cause of democracy, your administration is getting involved to meddle in this crisis to the point of outlining a detailed proposal for Mubarak resignation, and an immediate, meaningful, peaceful and orderly power transition. Even X-President Jimmy Carter is out there in support of Egyptians saying Mubarak must go. While we all know that Jimmy Carter who was the main contributor on imposing the Islamic regime upon the people of Iran 32 years ago did not say anything in support of Iranian protesters in 2009.

Mr. President, If someone was being mugged, he’d really like a cop to shoot the bastard, instead of bearing witness. Back in June 2009 you did absolutely nothing except to comment that the “the world is watching you” to the Iranian leaders. I wish you felt as immediately outraged about Iran as you did over Egypt uprising. Instead of bearing witness you must instantly put the same level of pressure on the Iranian government that you are currently putting on the Egyptian government.

Mr. President, As the democracy advocate on earth, U.S. along with its allies should hold the Islamic regime in Iran responsible for its violation of human rights inside the country and its terrorist acts across the globe, should declare the illegitimacy of the regime, impose sever political sanction on the government and all its leaders, should prevent the travel of its member through the aerial, land and water borders, and impose an ultimatum on the government surrender. Upon the fall of the regime have the United Nation send an international group of supervision for a public referendum and establishing a provisional government and arresting all the members of the government for the domestic and/or international trial. This is the only peaceful way of keeping the democracy alive in the world.

On behalf of genuine Iranians
Mansur Rastani, PhD
February 4, 2011

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