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Fostered Iranian Think Tanks in the Service of Uncle Sam

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Since a decade after the overthrow of Shah of Iran and the enforcement of an Islamic government in the country (which I refer to as the 1978 coup) by the Western Powers, United States has regularly dispatched diverse groups of political and academic authorities on numerous assignments to Iran and other academic centers in the world with Iranian students enrollees . The overall goal of these assignments were said to be the so-called educational collaboration among the two countries, however the main outcome of such tasks were to locate Iranian college scholarship students inside and outside Iran in order to be brought to United States and signing them up in some academic disciplines within various credible universities across the nation.

These recipients of scholarships become professionals in their field of studies upon the completion of their academic curriculums while during this period of their study they also become familiar with the State political figures through specific training and tutoring programs on a regular basis where they interactively involve in tackling the current pragmatic world issues. This way they become the source members of the think-tank committees available to the State once they graduate and ready to enter into the new phase of their lives and serve the government of the United State of America.
 Soon some of these young intellects become the political or economical or social experts and analysts available in the service of public News Medias who are mainly used to shape the public opinions about the current crisis that are unfolding in our country Iran. Others are assigned as the heads of some associations with seeming goal of promoting the relationship among Americans and Iranians and/or as the board members of some supposedly human-right organizations. In whatever service area out of their extra-career they ended up with, a coordinated effort among these components into a unique voice is observed, which tends to manipulate the people’s mind across the globe that Iran crisis can only be solved through a baby-step approach, which of course is an idea persuaded by the wish of Uncle Sam who has hidden ties with IRI and is eagerly willing to pursue step by step reforming the Islamic regime through replacing its fanatic elements by moderate ones.

Among these alleged intellects, Trita Parsi can be named as the one whom was brought from Sweden and introduced to United States by Hooshang Amirahmadi, a candidate for President in the Ninth Presidential election in Iran in June 2005 and an active IRI lobbyist in Washington who has been funded by the Islamic regime of Iran according to the New York Post. No matter how much Washington Administration outwardly condemns IRI publicly for its violation on nuclear issue or human rights or its terrorism ties, one can not ignore the fact that the Western Powers have disregarded the recent Iranian movement completely while instead they have supported IRI to survive the people uprising during the last 20 months by providing them the step-by-step carry-on guidance tips.

The widespread network of such alleged think tank sources across the nation that are counted as the major IRI lobbyists who are in the service of U.S. government, alongside their will for a baby-step reforming approach for Iran’s regime warns Iranians of another possible coup of the Western Powers against the people of Iran after the 1978 coup. Iranians need to be alert and reach their voices to Washington Administration loud and clear to let them know that these fostered think tanks do not represent the genuine Iranian people, and that the reforming of IRI is not what they have risen against tyranny and lost lives for. Furthermore they will prevent any such effort of letting the Western Powers to halt the Iranian movement that tends for a complete change of the tyrannical IRI regime into a secular and democratic government based on the principle of human rights, and lastly they will not allow any Foreign Power to write the history for their country one more time.

On Behalf of Genuine Iranian People
Mansur Rastani, PhD

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