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A Submitted Response to EP-ID’s Letter

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Our Response to European Parliament – Iran Delegation’s letter has been sent out to the Members of Delegataion, and CC’d to EP President, EP offices, some of the U.S. Senators & Congressmen, & the office of Reza Pahlavi. The following is the copy of the submitted letter. Thanks to everybody involved in all this. – Mansur Rastani

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Mansur Rastani <mansurrastani@gmail.com>
Date: Sun, Nov 6, 2011 at 6:01 PM
Subject: Response to EP-ID Letter

To: Chair <tarja.cronberg@europarl.europa.eu>, Member <kathleen.vanbrempt@europarl.europa.eu>, Member <cornelia.ernst@europarl.europa.eu>, Member <kurt.lechner@europarl.europa.eu>, Member <marietje.schaake@europarl.europa.eu>, Substitute Member <barbara.lochbihler@europarl.europa.eu>

Cc: EP President <jerzy.buzek@europarl.europa.eu>,
epathinai@europarl.europa.eu, epbarcelona@europarl.europa.eu, epberlin@europarl.europa.eu, epbratislava@europarl.europa.eu, epbrussel@europarl.europa.eu, epbucuresti@europarl.europa.eu,epbudapest@europarl.europa.eu, epdenhaag@europarl.europa.eu, epdublin@europarl.europa.eu, epedinburgh@europarl.europa.eu, ephelsinki@europarl.europa.eu,epkobenhavn@europarl.europa.eu, eplisboa@europarl.europa.eu, epljubljana@europarl.europa.eu, eplondon@europarl.europa.eu, epluxembourg@europarl.europa.eu,epmadrid@europarl.europa.eu, epmarseille@europarl.europa.eu, epmilano@europarl.europa.eu, epmuenchen@europarl.europa.eu, epnicosie@europarl.europa.eu, epparis@europarl.europa.eu,eppraha@europarl.europa.eu, epriga@europarl.europa.eu, eproma@europarl.europa.eu, epsofia@europarl.europa.eu, epstockholm@europarl.europa.eu, epstrasbourg@europarl.europa.eu,eptallinn@europarl.europa.eu, epvalletta@europarl.europa.eu, epvilnius@europarl.europa.eu, epwarszawa@europarl.europa.eu, epwashington@europarl.europa.eu, epwien@europarl.europa.eu,
kirk@senate.gov, “gillibrand@senate.gov” <gillibrand@senate.gov>, “McCain@senate.gov” <McCain@senate.gov>, “Lieberman@senate.gov” <Lieberman@senate.gov>,Ted.deutch@mail.house.gov, Robert.dold@mail.house.gov,

11, 07, 2011
RE: EP Iran Delegation, Response to Barbara Lochbihler’s Letter
To: Barbara Lochbihler (x-chair & current subs. member)
CC: Tarja Cronberg (Chair) ,Kurt Lechner (member), Cornelia Ernst (member), Marietje  Schaake (member), Kathleen Van Brempt (member)
From: Undersigned
Dear Mrs. Barbara Lochbihler,
Thank you for your response to our open letter to EP Iran delegation. We are fully aware of your new position as Chair of the Subcommittee on Human Rights of the European Parliament, andrecognize your continued work with the EP Iran Delegation as a substitute member.
In your letter you referred to the record of EP Iran Delegation on criticizing numerous issues in Iran, in particular the dire human rights situation, during its term of service. That is exactly our point, how many censure resolution against IRI for violation of human rights have been moved by EP, UN and human rights watch offices across the globe in recent decades? When we look at the current grim picture of the human rights situation in Iran it clearly indicates that the circumstances have been worsening every year. In other words the world communities should have reached to this point by now that condemning and carping IRI won’t do any good anymore. It is time for the world communities to declare the illegitimacy of the IRI government.
You stressed in your letter that if you want to help the people of Iran to bring about change, you need to keep in touch with those alternative players in Iranian society, and therefore meetings with opposition representatives have been organized. Our impression from your statement “alternative players and opposition representative” leads us to Mir Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karoubi. Allow me to prove to you that these two individuals have a lot less leadership among Iranians than is publicly projected and in fact they have lost their standing among oppressed Iranians and certainly do not represent the genuine Iranian opposition groups any longer.

After the forged election in June 2009, Iranian movement mainly headed by our young generation has shaken the foundation of totalitarian regime of mullahs. They raised their voice for freedom and against the imposed tyranny but they were faced with the brutal and barbarian forces of the regime that were cracking down heavily on dissent. Thousands of our brave young men and women stood and shielded their chest against Islamic regime’s bullets, fought against political incarceration, torture, rape, and for all their basic freedom and human rights. While so many of them have dedicated their lives and irrigated the tree of freedom with their blood, was little to no sign of Mousavi and Karroubi in the battlefield. Summer of 2009 Mousavi and Karroubi’s role in the uprising was minimal, only in name and in coordinating a small bit lesser strife against the Iranian people. In fact, for more than two years after the counterfeit election they betrayed the people and left thousands of demonstrators under 30 years of age alone in the streets to be torn apart by the hyenas of IRI. The young generation has realized that these “non-leaders” are not ready to fight for people as much as they are willing to fight to save their Islamic ideology.

In 2009 Mousavi, in his 17th statement, admitted publicly he is loyal to the Islamic regime, moreover announced that any reform will only be possible within the framework of Islamic Guardian Council. Under current oppressive conditions, any claim of democratic lifestyle is unreasonable and a farce given the framework of Islamic Constitutional Law and the Guardian Council infrastructure. Even though the protest in Iran was empowered through mass dissatisfaction with the election results the movement became quite radical very quickly and people started chanting “Mousavi is an excuse, the entire regime is targeted”, “Death to the Islamic Regime”, and “independence, freedom, Iranian republic”. This was a clear message to the government that Iranians no longer want an Islamic regime; rather they are pursuing a secular democracy. The regime felt so threatened by this slogan that made Mousavi to come out and say “people’s slogan must be Islamic Republic, not one word more and not one word less.”

For the purpose of avoiding any clash with the IRI forces and their own personal safety, the people used Mousavi and Karroubi as masks to hide behind them so that they can demonstrate for liberty. Unfortunately, the alliances of world powers didn’t hear the true voice of Iranian movement; rather they continued providing the necessary support for the tyrannical regime of IRI to make sure the regime’s cracking down on the protesters is a success. On numerous occasions during 2010 Mousavi and Karoubi both admitted that the people are not following them anymore and in fact they are the ones who follow them. Today the issue at the forefront of Iranian politics is not about the election results, nor is it about either candidate, it’s about Regime Change. However, the international communities led by Western Powers have still shown their reservation to recognize the Iranian dilemma and on the contrary have strived to serve to strengthen the so-called Islamic reformist stand rather than help the grounds for “Regime Change”.

The disrepute for Mousavi and Karroubi goes beyond their lack of love and respect for their people when we see they both have criminal records and are responsible for the murdering of tens of thousands of young Iranian students that have occurred during their terms of services to IRI.  Geoffrey Robertson, an attorney in London who did a  report on Mousavi  entitled “ Iran’s Hero Was a War Criminal” says the freedom fighters’ leader was responsible for the mass execution of political prisoners. His Full report, “The massacre of political prisoners in Iran 1988” is available from the Abdurrahman Boroumand Foundation. Based on another report by Pierre Tristam, a writer, editor, lecturer, and a publisher  in U.S., entitled “Profile: Mir-Hossein Mousavi, Iran’s Radical Turned Reformist”, Mousavi has defended the taking of American hostages, his reputation for radicalism was undiminished, he had a direct role in the arms-for-hostages scandal known as the Iran-Contra affairs, he neither liked nor trusted Americans, and  he opposed to suspending the country’s nuclear-enrichment  program. In this report the author adds that the characterization of Mousavi being as “reformer” and a “moderate” are at best premature and likely outright fabrications. In point of fact the criminal records of Mousavi et al are reflected as the major drawbacks contributing to their lack of legitimacy as representatives to Iranian oppositions.
The regime reformers inside Iran, so-called Islamic green led by Mousavi and Karoubi can speak for those minor groups inside or outside the country who are seeking reforms within the current ideological government, but under no circumstances they may represent the Iranian opposition across the globe who have been risking their lives to independently unify their breadth of small groups and reach western and international leadership in pursuing a secular democracy. The lobbyists for these Islamic reformers who have been campaigning for Mousavi and Karoubi in Europe and Washington have been supported financially by Rafsanjani, the fourth President of IRI, whose strategic resolution & pronouncement behind the curtain has profoundly contributed to the survival of the regime for more than 3 decades.
Due to the oppressive atmosphere and the lack of freedom inside Iran and current disunion among the oppositions outside the country, the practice of political campaigning by people and different political groups and parties have not been possible. Regardless, this lack of privilege for Iranian oppositions should not be contemplated as a justification for EP Iran Delegation to be convinced to accept Mousavi et al as the representatives of Iranian opposition and start collaborative dialogue with them. If EP Iran Delegation is really committed to the people of Iran and respects for what they pursue, then it is required for the delegation to be willing to spend the time in discovery of concerted dialogues that are plausible to Iranian oppositions. The lack of alternative players should not be pondered as an obstacle in this way. Besides, alternative government is supposed to be established through free election after the fall of IRI.
Considering the current dilemma that the people of Iran are facing with, Iranian oppositions collectively need to have a “Representative Speaker”, someone who can be in position to convey the people’s message to the world communities. Such speaker will not function in a institutional capacity but performs politically as the “Representative & Speaker of Iranians” until the fall of IRI. Oppositions from any ideological and political group and party inside and outside Iran can stand united behind such Representative Speaker. I bring to your attention that among the undersigned of this letter there are people who are not pro monarchy and will vote for a republic government in the future free Iran.
Presently, the most prominent candidate for this position is Reza Pahlavi, the son of Mohammad Reza Shah, who is very well familiar with policy both in the U.S. and EU and is considered a capable speaker. In an article dated February 16, 2011 entitled “Iran’s Crown Prince calls on West to Support anti-government Protest”, Damien McElroy, the Foreign Affairs Correspondent for Daily Telegraph reports the following:  Although Reza Pahlavi supported Mr Mousavi and Mr Karroubi in 2009, he no longer believes that satisfactory change is available from within the Islamic system. “They have tried to liberalize within the system ad nauseam but to no avail. The regime is unreformable,” he said. “Mousavi and Karroubi might still be transitional figures but they cannot spearhead the transformation that is acceptable to the people. The young people of Iran are no longer content to take the lesser of two evils.
Reza Pahlavi on numerous occasions has mentioned that he has no intention of pursuing his monarchy in exile and his diplomatic fate will be determined by the people of Iran in the future free election when IRI is no more in power. In an Human Events Online exclusive interview, Reza Pahlavi says ”I know what my function is today, and my function today is to be a catalyst that promotes unity as opposed to being an element that brings polarity. My role today is not institutional, it’s political. My role today is not someone who will be a symbolic leader under that institution, but a national leader that is fighting for freedom… My job today is to be a liberator, as opposed to representing an institution.”

As such, the undersigned with respect to millions of unsung Iranians strongly encourage EP Iran Delegation to recognize Reza Pahlavi as a “Representative & Speaker of Iranians” and engage opening dialogue with him.
CC: President of European Parliament, Jerzy Buzek,
CC: Offices of European Parliament
CC: Office of Reza Pahlavi
CC: U.S. Senators & Congressmen:
Mark Kirk, Kristen Gillibrand, Robert Dold, Ted Deutch, John McCain, Joseph Lieberman
1.       Mansur Rastani, PhD, University Professor, USA
2.       Firouzeh Ghaffarpour, Political and Human Rights activist, Sweden
3.       Parviz Haddadizadeh “The New Iran” (TNI) Election commissioner, USA
4.       Velma Anne Ruth, M.Ed., ABS Community Research, Inc., USA
5.       Cina Dabestani, Constitutionalist Party of Iran, Chair of Washington DC Chapter
6.       Dr. M Asan, Physician, Canada
7.       Saied Shemirani, Political Activist – United Persian Organization, USA
8.       Sheri Alvandian, Human Rights Activist & Publisher, USA
9.       Esmaeil Hoshyar, Author, and Comics Writer, Swiss
10.   John S. Burke, Freelance Writer, USA
11.   Soheila Nikpour, Human Rights and Refugee Rights activist, U.S.A.
12.   A. Samadani, PhD, X-President, Global University, USA
13.   Shoreh Irani, Aerobic Coach, Germany
14.   Shahin Khordehpaz, Political Activist, USA
15.   N Rochan, M.D., Physician, Canada
16.   Gill Gillespie, PhD, Director- Iran Information Project, UK
17.   Walton K. Martin III, Director, the Iran Information Project, USA
18.   Pari Saffari, Bidari Radio & TV, USA
19.   Nina Sadeghi, Student of Sociology, Italy
20.   Soheil Parhizi, Artist and Human Rights Activist, Switzerland
21.   Carol Savageau, Political Activist, USA
22.   Aruo Arian, Entrepreneur, Canada
23.   Roya Chelbea, Political & Social Activist, Austria
24.   Shahriyar Gorugi, Political Activist & College Student, USA
25.   Shawn Bahrami, Business Owner, USA
26.   Afshin Azizian Political activist and Human Rights Advocate, UK
27.   Besabeh Bagheri, CEO Entrepreneur, USA
28.   Massoud Nasseri, Business Owner & Political & Social Activist, USA
29.   Arash Irandoost, PhD, Founder, PDMI, USA
30.   Eileen Kolia, Christian Minority Refugee, USA
31.   Fred Kolia, Christian Minority Refugee, USA
32.   Mary Badal, Christian Minority Refugee, USA
33.   Davood Anhari, Christian Minority Refugee, USA
34.   Dokhi Abdi Iranian Women Organization USA
35.   Laila Saber, Business Analyst & Coordinator, Canada
36.   Iranishtv Iranish, Iranian Internet TV  Station, UK
37.   Azita Ghobadi, Accountant, Dutch
38.   Payam Aryan. Graduate Student-Civil Engineering, UK
39.   Tia Sorensen, Business CEO, UK
40.   Khosro Fravahar, Political Activist and Media Producer, USA
41.   Tir Azarakhsh , Artist and Human Rights Activist, UK
42.    Debora M. Andress, Human Rights Activist, USA
43.   Shah Mahi, School Teacher, USA
44.    Michael Damestani, Shipping Manager, USA
45.   Ali Sayyar, Electrical Engineer, Siemens Munich, Germany
46.   Khosro Arjmandi, Green Embassy-Superintendent & Reporter, Sweden
47.   Afaagh Izad, Skin laser therapist, Political & Social Activist. Germany
48.   Masoud Boglari, Student, Germany
49.   Zarouhi Bechakjian Robertson, TAFE Teacher, Australia
50.   Pirooz Piroozi, Political Activist, Canada
51.   Anoush Eshghi Pour, Review Fitness, Managing Director UK.
52.   Amir Tee, Management Consultant, UK
53.   Mehdi Rahim Pour, National Athlete Refugee, Turkey
54.   Sina Yekta, Geology and Geophysics Engineer, France
55.   Victoria Azad, Member of Amnesty International, Sweden
56.   Gilda Karbassi, Broker Associate- Coldwell Banker, USA
57.   Mazda Aruaee, Human Rights Acitivist, Sweden
58.   Aref Irandoost, Human Rights Activist, Sweden
59.   Leila Irani, Hotel Management, Sweden
60.   Poorang Soleimani, Medical Technology-Royal Institute, Sweden
61.   Esfandiar Borzoo, Construction Consultant Management, Sweden
62.   Setareh Arteshi, Democracy & Human Rights Activist, Iran
63.   Farnoosh Dokht Irani, Student, Germany
64.   Arleen Ali Abadi, Christian Minority Refugee, USA
65.   Marlene Davood, Christian Minority Refugee, USA
66.   Lida Badal, Christian Minority Refugee, USA
67.   Georget Khoshaba, Christian Minority Refugee, USA
68.   Saeed Samiee, Engineer, Denmark
69.   Mahboobeh Alizadeh, Housewife, Norway 
70.   Siavash Azari, Reporter & Radio/TV Producer, USA
71.   Shohreh Nazar, Reporter & TV Producer, USA
72.   Dariush Ashoobi, Political Refugee, Germany
73.   Radmehr Melkpour, Industrial Manager, Britain
74.   Saeid Shahbani, Self Employed, Dutch
75.   Meisam Zarghani, Student, Iran
76.   Saeid Azadi, Student Refugee, Dutch
77.   Hamid Taheri, Worker/Interpreter, UK
78.   Frey S., Teacher, Iran
79.   Haley E., Translator & Interpreter, Iran
80.   Rahele. M., Homemaker, Iran
81.   Cyrus Arya, Insurance Administrator, Sweden
82.   Homayoun Naderifar, Engineer, Turkey
83.   Va Weare, Graphic Student, Iran
84.   Nima Izadi, Radio Producer, Political & Social Analyst & Activist, Germany
85.   Nasser Ressan, Human Rights activist, France
86.   Parvaneh Alishahi, Human Activist, USA
87.   Fariba Irani, Accountant, France.
88.   Rohi Latifi, Worker Refugee, Norway
89.   Mohtaram Momeni, Psychologist, Nederland
90.   N. More, Pysical Education Student, Iran
91.   Moradi, Civil Engineer, Uk
92.   M. Moradi, Architect, UK
93.   Koorosh Pirani, Electronic Technician, Germany
94.   S. Moradi, Accountant, UK
95.   Bita Bakli , Human Rights activist, Sweden
96.   Tehrani, Accountant, UK
97.   Azar Samii , Human Rights activist, Sweden
98.   S. Tehrani, Accountant, UK
99.   Reza Karimi, Student Refugee, Australia
100.                        N. Taghavi, Teacher, UK
101.                        J. Taghavi, Management Consultant, UK
102.                        Parvin  Alishahi, Human Activist, Sweden
103.                        K. Soutanpour, Medical Consultant, UK
104.                        Leila Mahastim, Hairdresser, Seweden
105.                        D. Soultanpour, Medical Consultant, UK
106.                        H. Mohammadi, Surgeon, UK
107.                        A. Sharifi, Retired Air Force General, UK
108.                        A. Mohaamadi, Finance Director, UK
109.                        Faramarz Farhang, Self Employed, Australia
110.                        Kaveh Saraj, Political Activist, UK
111.                        Siavash M., Self Employed, Iran
112.                        Parastoo Oveysi, makeup artist, Turkey
113.                        Mohammad Alishahi, X-Military Officer, Sweden
114.                        Mehrshid Irani, PhD.,University Professor, Iran
115.                        Nahrien Moshabad, Christian Minority Refugee, USA
116.                        Betty Moshabad, Christian Minority Refugee, USA
117.                        Shamiran Yousef, Christian Minority Refugee, USA
118.                        Sandra Salmasi, Christian Minority Refugee, USA
119.                        Parviz Ashkani, PhD, University Prfessor, Iran
120.                        Zahara Oliayee Kazeroon, Human Activist, Sweden
121.                        Hanaan Alishahi, Human Activist, USA
122.                        Moshkan Mostashari, Economist, Germany
123.                        Hossein Tasbaz, Retired Design Engineer, UK
124.                        Sherry Lane, Accountant/Political Activist, USA
125.                        Yasamin Gaeini, Political Activist, Khashm Org., Canada
126.                        Mahrokh B., Homemaker, Iran
127.                        Mandana Khashayar, Kinder Care Owner, Canada
128.                        Parham Parsinejad, Artichect, USA
129.                        Amir Hakim, Executive Director- Khashm Org., USA
130.                        Flora Tomeh, Christian Minority Refugee, USA
131.                        Almas Tomeh, Christian Minority Refugee, USA
132.                        Morteza Gaeini, Political Activist, Khashm Org., Canada
133.                        Azita Malek , Financial Analyst , Australia
134.                        Namdar Koohkaan, Electrician, Italy
135.                        Linda Mehranjoo, Homemaker, Australia
136.                        Pouri Bigdeli, Political Activist, USA
137.                        Akhtar Fakher, Political Activist, USA
138.                        Amir Mirdamad, Political Activist, USA
139.                        Fakhri Abdi, Political Activist, USA
140.                        Giti Teymouri, Nurse, Australia
141.                        Fakhr Altaj Bastani, Homemaker, Australia
142.                        Ramin Bastami, Translator, Turkey
143.                        Max Rafii , Music Producer/Writer/Political Activist , USA
144.                        Iranian Refugee Supporter Organization, Turkey
145.                        Amir Hossein Nobari, Student, Denmark
146.                        Shirzad Safar, Iranian Refugee, Sweden
147.                        Saman M., Political & Social Activist, Iran
148.                        Nora Irani, Senior Education Consultant, Norway
149.                        Shkrolah H. & 4 Family Membes, Supporter of Democracy in Iran, USA
150.                        Albert Shirabadi, Christian Minority Refugee, USA
151.                        Mariam Shirabad, Christian Minority Refugee, USA
152.                        Forough P. & 14 Family Members, Supporters of Democracy in Iran, USA
153.                        Daniel Behzadpour, Retired Senior Technician, Australia
154.                        Mriam Zartoshti, Member of Zoroastrian Org. Canada
155.                        Shahriar Hazrati, Finest Glass Co. Employee, Canada
156.                        Nima Hazrati, University Student, Canada
157.                        Alireza Hazrati, Finest Glass Co. Employee, Canada
158.                        Davood Hazrati, Finest Glass Co. Owner, Canada
159.                        Shahla Mahmoudi, Homemaker, Canada
160.                        Mohammad Rasoul Ebrahimzadeh, Retired Pharmasist, Canada
161.                        Khosrow Pour Rashidi, Body Shop Employee, Canada
162.                        Monir Sorour Emami, Homemaker, Canada
163.                        Mojgan Pour Rashidi, Dept. Store Cashier, Canada
164.                        Saeed Abasi, Auto Repair Technician, Canada
165.                        Mohsen Pour Rashidi, Construction Co. Worker, Canada
166.                        Nadershah Afashar, VP/GM, USA
167.                        Maleeheh Naeimi, Retired Registered Nurse, Canada
168.                         Mitra Saami, Accountant. USA
169.                        Mariam Vakilzadeh, Homemaker, Australia
170.                        Hojjat Golpayegani , Writer, Canada
171.                        Shokouh, Ershadi, Wemen Rights’ Defender/Reporter, Sweden
172.                        Davoud,  Alinouri, Reporter,  Swedan
173.                        Linda, Lundmark , Police, Swedan
174.                        Katya Nouri , Human Rights Activist, Swedan
175.                        Saghare, Behnia, Reporter, France
176.                        Shahram, Naseri, Human Rights Activists, France
177.                        Anita Moradi, Reporter, Germany
178.                        Ali Nouri, Human Rights Cativist, Swedan
179.                        Jahangire Farizand, Human Rights Cativist, Swedan
180.                        Mohammad Bolbolpour, Human Rights Cativist, Swedan
181.                        Shideh Ershadi, Psychotherapist/Reporter, Swedan                                        
182.                        Shiva Ershadi, Registered Nurse/Reporter, Swedan
183.                        Rofik Shahmirian, Employee of Toko Persian Rug, Canada
184.                        Hassan Nowrouzian, President of Nowrouz Trasportation Co., Canada
185.                        Zahra Sarhangi, Driving Instructor, Canada
186.                        Mahvash Siahkalroudy, Nutritionist, Canada
187.                        Shahin Ansari , Researcher At Hospital, Canada
188.                        Golsam Samiee, Registered Nurse,  Canada
189.                        Nasrin Sarhangi, Hair Stylist, Canada
190.                        Amir Jalali, Hair Stylist, Canada
191.                        Kazem Jalali, Pilot, Canada
192.                        Hadi Jalali, Photographer , Canada
193.                        Rohangiz Rashid Khani, House Wife, Canada
194.                        Parvin Rashid Khani, House Wife, Canada
195.                        Hosain Bahrampour, Building Enginier, Canada
196.                         Mahnaz Shojaee,  Loan Specialist, Canada
197.                        Hoshang Eskandari Retired, Canada
198.                        Shirinsadat Sayedabolghasem,  Medical  Secretery, Canada
199.                        Keyvan Davari, GM Employee, Canada
200.                        Iraj Ranjbar, Electric Engineer, Canada
201.                        Reza Ghanaati, Electrical Technician, Canada
202.                        Hosain Shahedi, Disabled, Canada
203.                        ‎Mahin Dinpanah, House Wife, Canada
204.                        Zohreh Dinpanah, Teacher,  Canada
205.                        Paymaneh Doosti, Teacher,  Canada
206.                        Hosain Zarin Ghalam, HVAC Engineer, Canada
207.                        Shahin Zaringhalam, HVAC Technician, Canada
208.                        Shahab Zaringhalam, University Student, Canada
209.                        Mehrdad Dosti,  Ph.D, Medical Microbiology Researcher,Australia
210.                        Aziz Hoshangi, Retired Army High Ranking Oficer, Canada
211.                        Shahram Miandarbandi, Disabled, Canada
212.                        Keykavoos Salamzadeh, Soke Shop Technician, Canada
213.                        Arezzo Macleod, Self Employed , Australia
214.                        sakineh Fard, Retired Strategic & Planning Office, Canada
215.                        F. bayanifar, Homemaker, Australia
216.                        H. Khorramdin, Self Employed, Australia
217.                        Mansour Katanchi, Retired Self-Employed, Canada
218.                        Farokh Tabatabaei, PhD, Communication Technology, Ausralia
219.                        Nahid Frouzan, Insurance & Loan Consultant, Australia
220.                        Fargol Tabatabei, PhD, Chemist, Australia
221.                        Suzan Yazdani, Civil Engineer, Australia
222.                        Shahrouz Salehi, Pharmacy Staff, Australia
223.                        Dariush Moeiri, College Student, Australia
224.                        Nasser Shafiei, Self Employed, Australia
225.                        Mandana Moeiri, College Student, Australia
226.                        Firouzeh Hosseini, Nurse, Australia
227.                        Parham Frouzandeh, Car Dealer, Australia
228.                        Shahram Salehi, Bus Driver, Australia
229.                        Amir Pourdel, Self Employed, Australia
230.                        Mazda Negarandeh, College Student, Australia
231.                        Shahriar Danesh, Self Employed, Australia
232.                        Ayda Zarnegar, College Student, Australia
233.                        Hossein Azad, Self Employed, Australia
234.                        Ardeshir Sadeghi, Pharmaceutical Consultant, Australia
235.                        Parviz Moslehi, Self Employed, Australia
236.                        Sroush Shekoufandeh, Self Employed, Australia
237.                        Sudabeh Moslehi, Homemaker, Australia
238.                        Shadi Mousavi, Secretary, Australia
239.                        Pyam Sadeghi, Civil Engineer, Australia
240.                        Nasser Shafiei, Self Employed, Australia
241.                        Sohail Talebi, Dentist, Australia
242.                        Bahram Pour Mohammadi, Self Emplyed Austalia
243.                        Firouz Mousavi, Physician, Australia
244.                        Ebrahim Tabrizifar, Painter, Australia
245.                        Ali Moghadami, Electrical Engineer, Austalia
246.                        Ayedin Sabeti, College Student, Australia
247.                        Arash Hosseini, Security Guard, Australia
248.                        Hamid Hirad, Investment Consultant, USA
249.                        Dorna S., Student, Iran
250.                        Elham Habibi, attorney, USA
251.                        Amir Tavasoli, Phsician, Germany
252.                        Nasi Paygham barian, HR Activist & Refugees Defender, Sweden
253.                        Ali Abdollahi, Retired NIOC Employee, Canada
254.                        Korosh Abdollahi, Construction Co Owner, Canada
255.                        Hamed Abdollahi, Computer Programmer, Canada
256.                        Shahram Shiroudi, University Student, Canada
257.                        Shahnaz Shiroudi, University Student, Canada
258.                        Daniel Behzadpour, Retired Senior Technician, Australia
Mansur Rastani, PhD
Nov. 6, 2011
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