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Open Letter to EP-Iran Delegation – 2012

October 25, 2012 Leave a comment

  10, 21, 2012

European Parliament – The Iran Delegation,

Tarja Cronberg (Chair), and Members Dear Madam Chair, Once again the oppressed Iranian people were shocked to hear an absurd report from European Parliament in regard to embarking on an official visit of their lawmakers to Iran. The question on every Iranian mind is: “How can they even think of going to Tehran at this stage of time?” It seems that there is a sever discord between European Parliament and European Union proceedings when it comes to Iran policy. On 15 October 2012, EU member States have imposed new sanctions on Iran for its reckless behavior that endangers global security, a dramatic reminder that relations with Iran cannot be business as usual. These punitive steps are meant to persuade Iran to engage constructively by addressing the concerns of the International community.  However the trip of EP delegation while basically undermines such EU’s efforts and consequently results in the detraction from their achievement of broader objectives, it would also send incongruous messages to Tehran, making the regime to callously exploit the visit for propaganda purposes. It would be paradoxical and the European Parliament should not play into the hands of Iranian regime. Read more…