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Open Letter to EP-Iran Delegation – 2013

April 24, 2013 Leave a comment

04, 24, 2013

European Parliament – The Iran Delegation, EP-Iran Delegation1

To: Tarja Cronberg (Chair), and

Dear Madam Chair,

Time after time, the EP-Iran delegation has frivolously pursued organizing trips to Iran. This year the MEPs’ visit, as we have learned, has been scheduled to start on Friday April, 26, 2013.

In recent years EU has enforced its toughest sanctions on Iran that has never imposed against any other country. These sanctions have aimed at Iran’s human rights abuses, as well as its nuclear weapons program. Such EU’s resolutions have shown that that European Union has stood strongly and united against a defiant regime that has no respect for international norms and regulations. However, the MEP’s scheduled visit to Tehran is actually nothing more than shooting itself in the foot and considered as a last forlorn effort, after seven years of feckless rounds of nuclear talks through P5+1, by the European Parliament to pacify the theocratic mullahs in the vain hope that the regime can be persuaded to stop its nuclear program and improve human rights. Read more…