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Iran Nuclear Deal Portrays Obama as the Inspector Clouseau of Foreign Policy

We remember that president Obama on several occasion has asserted that the Iran’s nuclear inspection will be based onObama-laughing verification and not trust. The State secretary, John Kerry has also repeatedly said that the nuclear inspections in Iran will be limitless, anytime, anywhere, and 24/7.

In the session hold on July 23, 2015 by the senate foreign relation committee, senator Jim Risch (R-Idaho) addressed his concern to the administration team, secretary state John Kerry, energy secretary Ernest Muniz, and treasurer secretary Jack Lew, saying that the thing that you have agreed upon do not allow the IAEA agency to do the inspection at the Parchin site, the Iranian regime do the inspection on its own.

About a month later after that session, the associated press reveals the secret agreement between Iran and the IAEA board of governors, and announces that the UN will allow Iranian regime to do the inspection of the Parchin site on its own.

Is this a joke or they have assumed the world’s people are masses of idiots? Seriously they expect the mullahs’ regime do the inspection and report to the UN that they have found a trace of illegal nuclear test on the site!

Obama has no sense of what he wants to do in the world; he can be portrayed as the inspector Clouseau of foreign policy. Since the start of his second term, Mr. Obama has exhibited a pretty clear idea of what he wants to do in the world—and that is to have as little as possible to do with it until he gets out of office. The “red line” over Syria’s use of chemical weapons was a way of doing nothing about that nation’s spiraling civil war. Then it was the multilateral process policy of Obama became the fallback solution for Syria, once the red line gave way, which ended nowhere either. Later Obama’s tacit alliance with the terrorist Mullahs of Iran against ISIS was a portrait of him as the Inspector Clouseau of foreign policy.

And then, there is the ultimate bright, shiny object: JCPOA. And we see how this goes, a complete joke, leaving the mullahs’Inspector Clouseau Obama nuclear facilities intact, not even a single scratch mark on them, giving them 24 days advance notice for any inspection, which give the mullahs enough time to hide the evidence on nuclear warhead technology. The released money from the lifted sanctions will literally be used to fund the regime’s terrorist proxies, not to mention that once the international sanctions are gone, they will be impossible to snap back. The regime is allowed to do R&D program on IR-2 &4 & 6 & 8 centrifuges, and after 8 years it can industrialize their centrifuges.  The deal will embolden the regime in its spread of mayhem throughout the Middle East region, from meddling in Iraq and Afghanistan, to helping  Assad slaughtering Syrian people, to supporting Houthis insurgents in Yemen, and making irresponsible threats against Israel.  And worse than all letting the regime do the inspection on its own of the site Parchin for any suspicious nuclear activity, which is a nothing more than a ransom to a terrorist regime.

The US State Department has described Iranian regime as an “active state sponsor of terrorism”. The protocol on dealing with terrorist is clear, “you don’t negotiate with terrorist”. Negotiation with terrorists doesn’t prevent war it just delays it since it is inherited in the fabric of terrorism characteristic not to comply with the international norm and universal standard of living, it would only be a matter of time to show its brutal nature.


Mansur Rastani

August 20, 2015


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