The current misery among grassroots people in Iran has root in their lack of awareness. This weblog has been founded to help with that deficiency among the population via discussing the on going regional/global social and political issues.

For any concern of yours please contact the editor using the following email address:     mansurrastani@gmail.com


Vita of Mansur Rastani, PhD

Dr. Mansur Rastani (editor of the weblog) has been a faculty member in the mechanical engineering department at NCSU, NCA&TSU and CSUM. He has authored numerous scientific articles and worked as a researcher at NASA, Jet Propulsion Lab and other governmental agencies.  Since 2008 Mansur has voluntarily been an independent advocate in writing open letters to U.S. administration and its cabinet members, members of the congress, and the EU parliamentary members inquiring their support for democratic movement in Iran. He has also been assisting the Iranian movement inside the country by getting their messages to the world community across the globe.

Political Activities: Advocacy in Securing Democracy & Secularism in Iran Based on the Principles of Human Rights.

Political Views: Independent, pursuing Social Democracy (refer to * below), will vote for a Secular Democratic Constitutional Republic Government in future free Iran.

Religious views: Atheist –  In matter of faith, I honor the rights of conscience and wisdom. Think Good Thoughts, Say Good Talks, Do Good Deeds are the 3 Zoroastrian principles that I follow in my life.

*. By definition, “Social Democracy” advocates the creation of a democratic well-being state that combines capitalist and socialist institutions and practices. Unlike others on the left, such as Marxists (even though I have great respect for Marx’s philosophy), who seek to challenge the capitalist system more fundamentally, social democrats aim to reform capitalism democratically through state regulation and the creation of programs that work to counteract or remove the current deficiencies and injustices.




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