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Why the Iranians?

December 15, 2015 Leave a comment


In a recent article (posted at the end of this article) in The Guardian the writer criticizes the US congress for passing an amendment to remove the Visa Waiver program that would affect the travel of Iranians in diaspora to U.S., questioning why Iranian Americans should be punished and not the Saudis who were the ones who participated in 911 act of terrorism. Furthermore, the writer claimed that Iranians has never been part of any act of terrorism in the world, why they should be penalized. I couldn’t leave my comment on the article since the comment section was closed at the time, so I decided to post my reflection on the article in here.


In global communities’ point of view, a State is considered terrorist if its government is involved in an act of terrorism, and not by its people. And unfortunately when such State is considered as a terrorist State, its whole people are going to be tagged with label “terrorist” as a collateral damage. But the reverse is not true, for example in every democratic country such as an European country there are underground terrorists but that doesn’t label that country as a terrorist State, it is the same for a totalitarian regime like Saudi Arabia. Even though the participant Jihadists in 911 were mainly from Saudi Arabia but this act of terrorism was not counted on behalf of its government.


In case of Iran the issue is more complex. Iran is more than a terrorist State, it is considered as a rogue State. Read more…


US Needs to Negotiate with People of Iran, not with Its Illegitimate Regime

September 3, 2015 Leave a comment

President Obama has consistently asserted that the only alternative to the Iran nuclear agreement would be war. The b0afc08838c91428bac8ffa5f4b27665problem is that Mr. Obama has never envisioned trying any other option to tackle the Iran dilemma to see if it works or not. He has never been curious to know how the majority of Iranian people think about a regime, which against their will, has been ruling their country for more than three and half decades.  Instead he suffices to the lies of the Iranian regime’s lobbies that are available at his disposal in Washington to convince himself that appeasement policy with mullahs is the only way to resolve the Iran dilemma. During his term of presidency, the voice of Iranian civic movements inside and outside Iran has never gained his attention and political patronage. Since the beginning of negotiation in 2009 with the theocratic regime in Iran, Obama has never borne in mind providing moral boost to the democracy-promoting political forces of Iran. Neither has he shown political support for the tens and hundreds of protests of the Iranian people around the world.

During the national uprising of the Iranian people in 2009, in which the liberalist Neda Agha-Soltan was shot dead, Obama was busy writing secret appeasing letters to the criminal leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI), Read more…

An Open Letter to the Members of US Congress in Regard to Iran Deal

August 31, 2015 Leave a comment

Dear Congressman,

As you are aware, on July 14, 2015, US administration along with other international members of the P5+1 group reached Congress-1the Iran nuclear agreement, referred to Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

This agreement permits the regime to keep far more nuclear-related capacity than it would need if it were interested only in peaceful civil application of the nuclear program. Also the entire exercise of negotiating with Iranian government is flawed given that it relies too much on trust of the regime. Obama’s logic that Iranian regime is deterrable and “alternative to Iran deal is war” are misleading. Iranian regime is a criminal state because time after time it commits crime against humanity, domestically and transnationally. The nuclear agreement provides the theocratic regime with extensive relief from economic sanctions, which will fuel the regime’s ability to support its dangerous proxies throughout the Middle East.  It would be the turning point for the regime to resume its expansionist regional project, inspired by the Iranian constitution’s preamble stating Iran must spread its Islamic revolution. This means the Middle East will witness the spread of even further chaos and hostilities throughout the whole region. The IRI constitution de facto proclaims the ideological mission of Jihad; any deal that ignores the purpose of the regime’s bellicosity will not only be unsuccessful but will endanger the regional and global security. Negotiation with terrorists doesn’t prevent war, it just delays it, which is why the protocol clearly emphasizes “you don’t negotiate with terrorists.” Read more…